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My Asher Chapter 3 Journal

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The Rebbe’s decision to allow Asher to become an artist kind of surprised me. Maybe it was because I had heard so much from Asher’s father about how bad it would be. The Rebbe isn’t Aryeh Lev, however. The Rebbe knows what is best for his people. He must know that becoming an artist is what Asher needs to do. It seems that many people would disagree with the Rebbe’s decision, but the Rebbe is the one possessing the large amount of wisdom.

I wonder who exactly the man Jacob Kahn is. He seems like he wants to teach Asher, but then he seems like he has doubts about Asher’s ability. Asher is only thirteen, but Jacob Kahn thinks he should understand the paintings in the museum. Jacob Kahn seems like the sort of man who has full confidence in himself, but lacks a lot of confidence in others.

It seems kind of strange to me that Asher’s father doesn’t like the Rebbe’s descision. Aryeh Lev did what ever he could for the Rebbe and never questioned his descisions before. He went to Russia for the Rebbe and built yeshivos for the Rebbe. Now he questioned why the Rebbe wanted Asher to become an Artist. He said it was because everyone was afraid that Asher would break away. I think that he was actually afraid of Asher becoming an artist, since he felt that becoming an artist would be going against the Torah. It must be hard for Aryeh to accept that his son will become an artist and learn from Jacob Kahn.