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It is strange to me why Asher didnít want to go to Vienna with his father. In the first weeks that his father is away, Asher says how much he missed him. So why, then, didnít Asher go with his father to Vienna. Asher would even lay awake at night wondering where his father was and what he was doing. If Asher missed his father so much, then why didnít he go with him to Vienna? His art truelly comes before his family.

When Aryeh Lev explains to Asher how the paper is sold as a whole, I think that this kind of relates to Asher. I think it is saying that there couldnít be an Asher without his art, since he was sold as a whole. His father just has to accept that and not ďreadĒ the parts of Asher that he doesnít want to.

Asherís mother seems very intent in continuing her studies. In a short time she has graduated college and is working on her masters in Russian. I wonder why she is working so hard to finish her brotherís work. What did her brother do that was so important? It seems that when the Rebbe gives a job to people, they are very willing to get it done, kind of like Asherís mother who the Rebbe told to go to college to learn Russian.

It is kind of hard to believe that Asher could draw his mythic ancestor in his sleep. It is kind of like when he drew the Rebbe in his Chumash without knowing it. When I read about Asher drawing subcontiously, I kind of began to think that his gift came from the other side.