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My second journal for Anne Frank

It is amazing to think that people actually lived in a few small rooms hiding out from the Nazis. There were eight people living in the hideout, and the people were only able to eat half of a regular ration each. It makes me think about how much I have and how I wouldn’t be able to live in those conditions. I am surprised the occupants of the “secret annex” didn’t kill each other. It also seems that all of the people hiding out, the Van Daans, Franks, and Mr. Dussel, all focused their anger at Anne Frank. This must have been hard for Anne, being the brunt of everyone else’s anger while containing your own.

Even still, after Anne finishes discussing about how much they all fight, she considers herself very lucky. Day after day her friends were each taken away from their homes to concentration camps. This something else that would be hard for me to grasp. I wouldn’t be able to bear the fact that my friends were taken away by Nazis to the death camps.

When the people are all hiding away in the office, there isn’t very much that any of them are able to do. It kind of surprised me at first when she said that they did work for enjoyment, but then I realized that without anything to do, I would be bored out of my mind, and I’d like to do work as well to pass the time. The kids all play a sort of a game by doing the work, seeing who can outsmart the other. Also, Anne reads a lot of the time that she is hiding out. She tells her diary how happy she is every time that she gets a new book.

Anne never really goes into very much detail about Peter Van Daan. I wonder why. She never says that she hates him, she only explains how lazy he is. Even so, he is a boy. Maybe Anne wasn’t interested at boys during that time. I know that if I was hiding out from the Nazis, and there was a girl a little older than me, I would probably write about her in my diary all of the time.