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Dear Mr. Luizzi,

Its too bad the years over. Too bad. Maybe Ill get you again though, like Mythology or something. Anyway, you asked me to write a letter to you to explain how you can be a better teacher. Well here it is:

Q- If you were to think of one word to describe the class this year what would it be?
A- Id say that this class was challenging. It was challenging having little time to complete books and projects, but it was also fun. I enjoyed the challenge. I think it is getting us prepared for next years English and for even later than after that. I think that this class has helped me prepare a little better for college and when Im on my own by showing me what needed to get done.

Q- How did this class live up to your expectations?
A- I expected a challenging class, and I got one. I also wanted to improve in my writing, and boy did we get lots of writing! It has been a fun class, and thats what I think that I wanted the most, to have fund and learn at the same time.

Q- How did this class fall short of your expectations?
A- I feel that everything was like my expectations. You did a good job Mr. Luizzi.

Q- In twenty years, when you are discussing Honors English II with your friend/spouse, what will be the thing that you remember learning?
A- Ill probably tell them about our digital portfolios and how we had to make sure that everything was up on our web page. Other than that, Ill probably forget, because Im a very forgetful guy.

Q- In twenty minutes, when you leave this class forever, what will be the thing that you leave at the door?
A- Even though I had some fun making it, I will probably never go back to my English Webpage again. I may make my own personal webpage, but an English Webpage isnt exactly something Id use as my homepage. Ill use the knowledge learned on how to make it and probably make a personal web page for myself.

Q- What advice would you give me, as a teacher, for next year?
A- Keep doing the web pages. They are a good way to organize the portfolios. Also, keep the class challenging and fun. Those are the keys to a good class.

Q-What advice would you give to freshman who are going to be in this class next year?
A- Make sure that you keep all of your work saved. Occasionally Id lose an important file here and there. Also, make sure you actually read the books because Mr. Luizzi gives quizzes.

Q-As you leave here, what are your final thoughts?
A- I feel that I have improved this year and I know that it has been fun and challenging. Thanks Mr. Luizzi for a great year and keep up the good teaching.

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