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The Globe Theater

The structure of the theater was helpful in performing the plays that Shakespeare wrote. The theater was in an octagonal shape. This enabled there to be many seats as there could be seats on 7 of the 8 sides of the theater, one side of the theater being for the stage. Also, there was the large space in the middle of the octagon where the lower class could be seated. There was also three stories for the theater, so this allowed more seating as well. That is one benefit of the shape and structure of the theater, many people could be seated in the theater at once. Another benefit of the high walls of the theater and the roof over the walls, was that there was much better acoustics for the people sitting in the seats along the walls. These seats were the more expensive ones, so the people in these seats had very good acoustics. Also, because of the space in the middle of the theater where there wasn't any roof, it allowed the sunlight to come in so that the theater could be illuminated, as there wasn't any electricity in the 1500's. The theater was constructed very well for the purpose of putting on plays. It allowed many people to be seated, allowed the sunlight to enter, and had good acoustics.

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