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During Shakespeare’s time as a playwright, acting in England was just starting to become a respectable occupation. There were still laws out to capture wandering rogues and vagabonds. During this time there were many acting company’s. These companies were protected by the lords who owned the land. This is one benefit to working as a team in acting during the late 1500’s, the actors would not be arrested. Shakespeare’s acting company was protected by Lord Chamberlain and was called Lord Chamberlains men

When Shakespeare wrote his plays, he would write the roles for a specific actor, one in his acting company. This way he knew that if he gave the role to certain actors, then the attributes that that actor had would show in the character he portrayed. By being in an acting company, Shakepseare knew the strengths and weaknesses of the actors that would portray his parts and therefor would cast accordingly.

I imagine also that because of these acting groups, the actors were able to get to know their fellow actors. I know from experience that it helps the quality of acting if the actors know each other well. This is because people work better together, and they understand how the other person will act.

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