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My Anotated Reading List
The Sword of Shanarra
The first of the Terry Brooks's Shanarra series. A fantasy, It is one of my favorite books of all time, because Brooks develops the characters so well that I was depressed after one of them died. A must read.
The Belgariad
The first of a series of fantasy books by David Eddings about the adventures of a boy named Garion. This was a very fun Series to read.
The Mallorean
The series following the Belgariad. It tends to be a little easier reading since most of the settings are explained in the Belgariad.
Never Cry Wolf
The first hand experience of Farley Mowet on his journy to research wolves in Northern Canada. A true story that contains a lot of info on wolves you never thought true and contradictions to fable and myth. A very good short, reading book as well.
A Seperate Peace
A novel by John Knolls that I was made to read in my freshman year. Contains some maturation topics. Not a book I would pick up and read on my own.
Lord of the Flies.
If you're looking for a book that you can dissect and not have fun reading, this is the one. If you are reading this book by William Golding for fun, stop. It has a weak plot and was purely written for the symbolism.
A Day No Pigs Would Die
A fairly well written book conatining a lot of maturation themes. I would not pick this book up on my own, but it wasn't that bad of a novel. (by Peck)
The Black Pearl
An exciting book about a Mexican who goes in search of the black pearl from the Manta Ray. Contains symbolism but also a good plot.
Farenheit 451
A very suspensful book by Ray Bradbury about the future of literature. A good, short book.
To Kill a Mockingbird
A good book by Harper Lee about a girl in a segregating society. I probably would have enjoyed it better had we not dissected so much in English class.
Cry the Beloved Country
A book that is hard to understand about segregation in Johanesberg, South Africa. I didn't enjoy reading this book very much.

Books Read this Year:

Catcher in the Rye

A book by J. D. Salinger about the pshycological problems of a teenage boy. Very good.

Huckleberry Finn

Story by Mark Twain about a boy who takes a trip down the Mississippi with his slave Friend

The Hobbit
Book by J.R.R. Tolkien. A fantasy about a hobbit who finds himself on a great adventure. Very Good

Stranger in a Strange Land

A Science-fiction book by Robert Heinlein about a Martian who comes to Earth to teach the Martian ways

Fellowship of the Rings
By Tolkien. Bilbo's nephew goes on a fantastic adventure too

Asher Lev
A book by Chaim Potok about a Hasidic Jew who has a talent for painting

Prince Ombra
By Roderick MacLeish. A story of a boy who is destined to fight evil itself

Anne Frank
Diary Anne Frank keeps while hiding out from Nazis in WWII

Oedipus the King
By Sophocles. A play based off the Greek story of the boy who killed his father and slept with his mother

Julius Caesar
The famous Shakespeare tragedy of the Roman ruler
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